Anxiety And Panic Attacks? Use Hypnosis.

Anxiety and panic attacks affect lots of people up and down the country every day.  From the little flutter in your tummy right through to a full blown attack.  Anxiety affects people in different ways in different situations. So what causes the build up of anxiety?  How come it affects some more than others? I often […]

weight loss hypnotherapy dover

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy In Dover

Weight loss hypnotherapy has become more and more popular over the years.  By now, many have heard of the hypnotic gastric band that is a natural alternative to having a surgical band fitted. Whilst the hypnotic gastric band is only to be used for people looking to come down by 3 clothing sizes or more, […]


Stop Smoking With Hypnotherapy in Dover

Stopping smoking is one of the biggest habits that people can look to change.  At Dover Hypnotherapy we have helped a lot of people to stop smoking over the years. Before coming to us, many people tend to try to stop smoking on their own. They try to stop smoking using nicotine patches, gum and e-cigarettes […]